1. Order a product

Order your first product on the Helix Store and we’ll send you a Helix DNA kit. The kit has everything you need to provide a small saliva sample, including a pre-paid shipping box to send your sample to our lab. When Helix sequences your DNA, you don’t get just a single report back from us—you unlock an entire marketplace of products that are personalized directly to you by your DNA.

2. Get sequenced

Once your sample arrives at our lab, we use Next Generation Sequencing technology to read your DNA, which unlocks up to 100 times more data than typical at-home DNA tests on the market today. We then store and protect your DNA data using the same secure technology as the best online banks and maintain rigorous security protocols to help keep your info safe.

3. Get your results

After your DNA is sequenced, Helix only shares small portions of the data with the partners you buy products from so they can generate the insights you choose to receive. Once those parts of your DNA are analyzed by the Helix partner (and only those parts), they let you know via email when your results are ready.

4. Discover again & again

When you’re ready to explore even more, shop the Helix Store for insights into your health, fitness, and more. The best part? Since Helix is designed to grow with advancements in science, you’ll be able to learn more and more about what your DNA has to say for years to come.

How it works

From the profound to the just-for-fun, there’s plenty to explore in your DNA. Here’s how to start.

The Helix way

Private and secure

Your privacy is our number one priority. We won’t sell or share your DNA data without your permission. We pledge to uphold the highest standards of bioethics and maintain rigorous policies and procedures to keep your data safe and secure.

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Backed by science

We’ve built the most advanced, CLIA- and CAP-accredited genomics lab in the country to deliver accurate and secure insights. Our expert team of PhDs, scientists, and genetic counselors review each and every product available through Helix. If a product’s science isn’t up to snuff, we won’t sell it in our marketplace.

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Forward thinking

As science advances, a wide breadth of new products will offer more detailed and specific insights that will empower you to live a better life. Think about it this way: when there’s a groundbreaking discovery in genetics, Helix will be ready.

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